Man ups ante in zoning battle by allowing the KKK to use his property

There are many ways to wage war with your neighbors but one Georgia man has a unique technique:

Bill Torpy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution visited the Six Hills subdivision in tony Milton, Georgia, to get to the bottom of things. “For a decade,” Torpy writes, “the owners of a mostly land-locked 24-acre parcel in Six Hills have tried to develop the property and have gotten increasingly frustrated in getting turned down.” The latest owner is one Douglas Hay, whose own development proposal was rejected by the city of Milton and who has responded by (reportedly) letting pigs run free on the land, hiring a loud truck to annoy a neighbor, and now renting space to the Loyal White Knights of the KKK.

“We go out there, it’s open for our members to camp out, to target practice, to have our meetings because we’re a religious organization,” a KKK rep said.

Hay bought the land for $900,000 and now says his “feud” with the neighborhood/city will end if he can sell it for $2 million. Just a reasonable regular businessman, this Douglas Hay.

This goes beyond buying a nearby property to avoid a teardown or going to court. Presumably, the tactic is intended to threaten the property values of neighbors who will then cave to the plans for the property. Bring in one of the most reviled groups and see how the neighbors like that! The community of Milton is well-off: the median household income is nearly $111,000. Then, the question becomes how long the neighbors can wait Hay out. Or, perhaps they can mount a counteroffensive including demonstrations and negative publicity for the landowner? It sounds like the various actors can draw on a number of resources to win this zoning battle.

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