Dynamic pricing at sporting events

Kevin Arnovitz at Truehoop reports that the New Orleans Hornets are embracing variable pricing for tickets for the upcoming NBA season. But more interesting is the link to a story about tickets sold by the San Francisco Giants, the first team to completely embrace dynamic pricing.

Last season (2009), the Giants played around the concept of dynamic pricing. Based on demand for tickets for each game, the prices in this section of about 2,000 tickets would fluctuate. When I was in San Francisco last August and was looking for Giants tickets, I saw this section online and was intrigued by it. (For the record, I bought tickets in other seats on StubHub which were cheaper than the variably-priced seats.)

Based on the success of this small sample, the Giants went ahead and introduced dynamic pricing for all the tickets in AT&T Park (a beautiful stadium) during the 2010 season. They are the first team to do this and now several other teams are tinkering with the concept on a small scale.

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