“Brian” is Dr. Brian Miller, professor of sociology at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. Brian’s published research includes studies of suburban growth and development (including broad patterns and specific cases, depictions on television, housing and McMansions), religious buildings, religion in suburbs and cities, social network site use among emerging adults. He teaches classes such as Urban Sociology, Culture, Media, & Society, Statistics, Research Methods, and American Suburbanization. Contact Brian through his Wheaton page with questions or for more information.


This blog began in 2010 as a site to work through sociological and legal ideas and stories. Over the first few years, sociological posts became the main content. Some of the sociology posts came from classroom examples, some were part of research projects, and others seemed ripe for sociological commentary. More than 6,000 posts later, the topics covered tend to align with Brian’s research interests.

Sadly, in this day and age of over-lawyered disclaimers, it is probably prudent to mention that all content on this website is intended for information purposes only.  We are not intending to provide professional advice, and our writings here should not be construed as such.  Any activities associated with this website are not intended to create, and do not constitute, an attorney-client relationship.