The Future of Suburbs

Social scientists, historians, and others continue to document the history of American suburbs. What will suburbs look like in the future? Here is a collection of posts that address this issue:

Complex suburbia will continue. This means a variety of suburban communities, more diverse populations in terms of race/ethnicity and social class (accompanied by backlash), and disparate suburban outcomes.

-Suburban planning and housing styles will continue to evolve though past styles – including ranch homes and McMansions as well as sprawl – will continue. New Urbanism or denser suburban redevelopment or growth will continue get a hearing but will be limited to certain places.

-A majority of Americans will continue to live in suburbs.

-The numbers of suburban residents plus the varied political stances of suburbanites means politicians will continue to fight for suburban votes.

-Societal changes will threaten or boost suburbs (COVID-19?) and critics will attack them yet it will be hard to quickly replace 100+ years of suburban ideology, policy and government support, and geography.