McMansions = SUVs, large TVs, air conditioning, and steaks

Here is another example of how McMansions are tied to larger patterns of excessive consumption:

OK. Move along. Nothing more to say. Earth Day is over. Get back into your SUV, drive to your 5000 square foot McMansion, flip on your 80-inch plasma TV, crank down the AC, crank up the grill, throw on a big slab of carbon-laden beef, secure in the knowledge you’ve done your duty, paid homage to the lonely little rock in space upon which we depend for life.

Whew. Hard work, great sacrifices. Sure glad Earth Day only comes once a year.

One way to interpret this is someone could fight against McMansions and their construction and still have to deal with a whole host of other issues including driving, entertainment options, and what kind of food Americans eat. In other words, McMansions are just one part of a larger issue of American consumption. Perhaps the kind of people who purchase McMansions in the first place are more likely to purchase the other listed products but I haven’t seen this kind of evidence.

2 thoughts on “McMansions = SUVs, large TVs, air conditioning, and steaks

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