“8 Dream Homes That Aren’t McMansions”

Not all desirable homes have to be expensive McMansions:

When one’s job is to write about incredible homes, one quickly finds out that most of the really incredible pictures are from…really, really, really expensive homes. As in: Homes that have more infinity pools than they have bedrooms; couches that cost the equivalent of a down payment on an actual house; houses with pantries that are bigger than a studio apartment — that sort of thing. But we believe that a “dream home” doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive — or even that big. Here are 8 houses that prove just that.

Two quick points:

1. Most big “dream homes” are far beyond McMansions. If you have an infinity pool, this is usually beyond a McMansion. If you are featured in an architectural magazine because of your interior design, it is usually beyond a McMansion. These homes are usually just plain mansions.

2. The eight homes featured in this story have some commonalities: they tend to be relatively small, green, and well-designed (meaning put together by an architect or adhering to local design). These traits are more often anti-McMansion rather than looking at the number of infinity pools a home has.

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