The anti-McMansion is a 1938 Cape Cod?

The Washington Post highlights what it calls the “anti-McMansion”: a 1938 Cape Cod in Silver Spring, Maryland. A couple of thoughts after looking through this photo gallery:

1. What seems to make this the “anti-McMansion” is its smaller size and older age. At the same time, we are never told the exact size – does this mean it isn’t all that small? We also don’t know what kind of neighborhood this is in – a denser subdivision or bigger lots?

2. Like many houses from this era (see the homes from Levittown as another example), this home has undergone some changes. The garage was converted into a room. A 12-by-15 room was added to the back of the house. The entrance was moved. There are two sunrooms.

3. Older house with Restoration Hardware and Ikea furniture but also a lot of older objects like teapots. Interesting mix…

4. Things we don’t see: no televisions in the pictures (though two computers), no view of the kitchen, only the kid’s bathroom, a view of the yard.

5. How can you have a gallery like this and not have a picture of the outside???

6. I’m still thinking through this idea of an “anti-McMansion.” Here are some of the other differences these photos are trying to point out: the home has been customized (not one size fits all). There are older furnishings. The emphasis is not on the “impressive” parts of the house such as a huge foyer or a gleaming kitchen but rather in the carefully chosen furniture and furnishings. There is no large garage that dominates the house. There isn’t one big huge “great room” space. Is this the best example of an “anti-McMansion”? I’m going to keep looking.

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