South Barrington has the “Ultimate McMansion”

Curbed Chicago highlights a 21,000 square foot South Barrington home as the “Ultimate McMansion”:

If you looked up the word McMansion in the dictionary, a photo of this house would appear next to the definition. And no doubt, South Barrington is a place where folks like to live large. The suburb is known for being the home of the fourth largest church in the country, for having a movie theater that’s the size of most small airports, and a plethora of McMansions that were built in the last couple of decades. And of all the McMansions for sale in South Barrington right now, this 21,000 square foot home may just take the cake. The manse sports a six car garage, four master suites, a 3,000 square foot rec room and a private beach. The huge seven bedroom home also has some pretty interesting interior design going on as well, complete with clouds painted on the ceiling in some rooms and a basement that looks like something you’d find in Vegas from the 90s. For $3.87M, this ultimate McMansion could be all yours.

Quite the interior and exterior. But, this is a classic case of an expensive home that is way past McMansion with its square footage. What would the average McMansion owner do with 21,000 square feet? Most of the photos show rooms that are simply much too large for even a good amount of furniture. I would argue that once you get past nine or ten thousand feet

The connection of the big home to other big features of South Barrington is also intriguing. Do people who live in McMansions tend to like to live in places in large churches or movie theaters? Perhaps the connection is the level of wealth in the community but having a lot of big houses is not necessarily related to having one of the biggest churches nearby

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