Tiny houses may be easy to steal

A tiny house in San Antonio was relatively easy to steal: the thieves simply drove off with the trailer.

An advocate for so-called green living, Friday and his wife had invested 2 1/2 years and $35,000 into building a tiny home from the ground up.
They had just moved it to a plot of land they had purchased in Spring Branch.

However, someone stole it, leaving behind only a damaged paver driveway they had recently built.

After a local TV station reported on the theft, the house was reported being found on the south side of town. Neighbors had apparently seen it for days but did not know it was stolen…

As for how the house was stolen, it was on a trailer that the thief simply attached to a truck and drove off with.

On his blog, Friday wrote:  “I’ll be completely honest – I didn’t even know that a hitch lock was a ‘thing’ before our house was stolen. I only researched them after the house was gone. I am now WELL aware of multiple forms of security that I hope ALL tiny housers will implement on their own Tiny House builds.”

A typical homeowner may worry about thieves entering their home and taking things but usually isn’t very concerned with the whole house disappearing. The same kind of mobility that tiny house builders/owners want also means it can be taken away. (Interestingly, a second downside of being so mobile is that a tiny house may not easily fit zoning laws.) Even with a hitch lock or boots for the tires, it would still be possible to take the house (though it would take a lot more work than simply driving off with the trailer.

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