How big exactly is Ground Zero?

Here is an interesting question that is part of the debate over the proposed Islamic community center: how big is Ground Zero and who gets to decide? According to a story from the AP, the definition is up in the air:

Even the public and private agencies closest to the site don’t have one definition of ground zero’s boundaries. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey — which owns the trade center site and is rebuilding most of it — says it is bounded by the fence, which has moved a few feet in both directions as construction has progressed.

This is a cultural issue that still needs to be worked out. Wherever the line ends up being drawn, it will be a symbolic boundary that separates the hallowed ground of the attack site from the normal New York City land.

It will also be interesting to see who gets to be the ultimate gatekeeper in this situation. There are a number of groups with vested interests – whether they can come to some sort of agreement remains to be seen.

0 thoughts on “How big exactly is Ground Zero?

  1. I wonder what my former roommate would say; she lives a few blocks from there. When I visited her a few weeks ago, I must admit it didn’t seem that the residents of her neighborhood were too concerned with drawing the boundary between Ground Zero and the rest of their neighborhood. They’re more concerned with going about their daily business. I agree that Ground Zero is much more psychological than geographical.


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