Prospective buyer of McMansion wants to know which builders can be trusted

One of the questions that emerges out of my recent McMansion study (read about it here and here) is how people who buy McMansions feel about their purchase. In other words, who would openly go about seeking out a McMansion to purchase and live in? Lo and behold, here is an open thread at DC Urban Moms and Dads titled “Yes we are going to buy a suburban tract home/mcmansion . . . builder reputation?” 

As you might suspect, there is a certain degree of snark in some of the responses. Additionally, it quickly devolves into a debate over specific locations and the city vs. the suburbs.

Some McMansions critics might argue that it is impossible to find a quality-built McMansion.  I found one of the four major definitions of the term refers to the poor architectural design and/or quality of the home. The assumption is that McMansions are built quickly, are constructed with poor quality materials, are intended to impress rather than last, and often incorporate multiple styles of architecture creating mishmash rather than a unified whole.

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