Teardown McMansion owner asks why people hate their home

A teardown McMansion owner in McLean, Virginia wants to understand why people don’t like the home:

I don’t understand why people get so upset on this board. When we bought a new build a few years ago, we were very excited and actually liked the brick over the hardieplank.

We live in a teardown area in McLean with many original homes. We always keep our lawn nice and upkeep our landscaping.

Why do you dislike my house and maybe me or family?

[edited for original errors]

The responses come pretty quickly and include a number of arguments:

1. Building any newer home within a “historic” neighborhood (even if just from the post-World War II era) would be a problem for disrupting the existing character.

2. Specific design elements of teardowns are problematic, particularly certain kinds of siding.

3. Maintaining the lawn and exterior of the house might be necessary in many suburban neighborhoods bu it probably isn’t going to make up for the design of the house itself.

Despite the objections – which sound fairly permanent and independent of the people actually living in the home – the pace of teardowns has actually increased.

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