A visible reminder of above-ground (and buried) power lines

I recently noticed what looks like plans to replace nearby poles for above-ground power lines:

I look forward to seeing the way these poles are replaced. I would guess that this does not happen very often and these poles need to stand straight through all kinds of weather to do their job and keep power moving. This transmission line running north-south down an important two lane road through residential areas clearly brings the power.

Seeing this also reminded me of something else: the relatively lack of visible power lines near where I live. This is not the case in other nearby places; older neighborhoods in my suburb have power lines on each street with an attachment to each single-family home. In contrast, most of the streets near me are unmarred by power lines. I primarily see buildings, grass, and roads without seeing power lines.

Additionally, we rarely experience power disruptions. Through rain, snow, and high winds, the power stays on. Presumably, the path our power takes the power plant to our house includes above-ground lines, supported by metal towers or wood poles. A few miles away is a major transmission line running north-south with its own right-of-way and lines several stories in the air.

When I do not see power lines, I rarely think about them. Or, I do not think about sewers that channel waste and water away from suburban homes unless something bad happens. Or, the wifi in the house silently disperses digital bits and I do not need to think about it.

The hidden infrastructure of our lives brings us much. I will watch for the replacement of the power line poles and then I will likely go back to not thinking about how the electricity that makes so much of modern life go around reaches me as much of the infrastructure is out of sight.

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