Morning people viewed more positively

According to biology professor Christoph Randler, morning people are viewed more positively. Through surveying 367 college students, Randler found that “The problem is that those with the genetic gift of “morning-ness” tend to be more highly rewarded. Morning-ness is perceived as a sign of activity and zest, whereas evening-ness implies laziness and loafing.”

As the story discusses briefly, this seems to be a cultural issue. In certain arenas, traits associated with being “up and ready” in the morning are prized. Being peppy and ready to go in the morning can indicate a person is efficient and in control.

How about a study that examines perceptions of people who accomplish roughly the same amount of work but who are opposites in terms of being morning or evening people. Do people and/or institutions place a higher value on being ready to go in the morning even if the work gets done by the end of the day?

0 thoughts on “Morning people viewed more positively

  1. Ever since I was a teenager, I was not a morning person and received much grief over it. My mother insisted I was depressed, my husband (who also did not jump right up), implied I was not a good mother to cook breakfast for the kids and other “older adults” made comments. However, after taking a class on stress management and taking my body temperature three times a day for weeks with a basal thermometer, I found that my peak time started at 4:00 p.m. (when my body temperature was the highest) which I belive is when most people hit a low. Anyway, if I am at work or socilaizing in the evening, I have a very hard time going to sleep because I feel revved up. Another thought to consider is one’s blood pressure. Mine is very low in the morning (90/60) which when taken by nurses in the doctor’s office say that this could contribute to my not feeling energetic in the morning. I also do not drink the American favorite – coffee so that does not help. Have others noticed their peak performance time being in the evening?


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