Shaving a precious 2-5 seconds off your Internet searches

Google announced yesterday a new feature of their search engine: Google Instant, which will unveil search results even as you are typing in your search terms. The goal? To shave off a few seconds from the typical search process:

Google says the average web search currently takes about 25 seconds: nine second to type it, less than one second for Google to return a result and 15 seconds to pick the best result.

They say Google Instant will shave two to five seconds off of that time.

Perhaps two to five seconds could make a big difference and the feature will become standard practice. The value of time over the Internet has certainly changed over the years, particularly comparing page loads these days to what was common in the mid 1990s. I’m not sure a couple of seconds will matter to most users – but perhaps I am wrong. We do seem to be impatient  when a page even takes just a few extra seconds to load…it’s like we have wiped from our memories the experiences of loading pages on 56k modems.

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