“51 Spectacular Panoramic Photos of Turn-of-the-Century Chicago”

Chicago features 51 photos that reveal what Chicago looked like at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century:

One of the great treasure troves of the Library of Congress is its collection of panoramic photos. Some of the best come from Chicagoan George R. Lawrence and his company. (Motto: “The Hitherto Impossible in Photography Is Our Specialty”).

Some of the more interesting photos:

#7: Grant Park in 1906. It looks nothing like what Chicagoans today are used to. The railroad lines leading to the main docks area on the south bank of the Chicago River were much were prominent for decades. Also, the park was muddy for a number of years before more formal landscaping was installed.

#12: West Side Park in 1909 featuring the Cubs and White Sox playing each other. The stadium seems quaint (meaning small) and features tons of foul area behind home plate.

#36: An open-ended Soldier Field hosting the Eucharistic Congress in 1926. The capacity of the stadium is much larger than today.

-various pictures: a different-looking Chicago lakefront with no tall buildings. Without skyscrapers, it definitely looks different.

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