I’ve discussed bad real estate photos before (here and here) but here is a full website devoted to the topic. Some of the pictures are indeed bad photos: poorly chosen emphasis, bad angle, catching the photographer in the picture. However, a number of have more to do with the home or the homeowner themselves; why do so many people have so much clutter when having these photos taken?? Of course, it could be argued that the agent/seller shouldn’t take such a picture in the first place but agents may have little control over what the owner has and having no photos of a house or major room (kitchen, primary bathroom, etc.) is not a good option.

The moral of the website? You want photographs that emphasize the better traits of the home without letting the bad photography skills or odd stuff the homeowner has get in the way.

And there are ways to prevent this from happening: make professional videos and photoshop furniture into the scenes.

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