The most popular 2021 posts

The year is not quite over yet here is a quick review of the 5 most popular posts from 2021 on Legally Sociable.

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  1. Developers not willing to build a particular Chicago project because of affordable housing requirements?
  2. Global supply chain problems lead to 25 mile train backup at Chicago area railyard?
  3. Buying and selling real estate in the metaverse
  4. Selling Schaumburg, Illinois
  5. “Unprecedented volume of public participation” regarding development plans for Naperville mosque

On one hand, this is a set of popular posts covering a range of topics from affordable housing to transportation to online real estate to marketing suburbs to community reactions to a proposal from a religious group regarding their property. COVID-19 did not dominate the top of the list nor did politics.

On the other hand, like in 2020, these most popular posts all had to do with place. In particular, four of the five had to do with the Chicago region. Several touched on topics on which I have published research. I vowed at the beginning of 2021 to continue to publish posts about places and this will continue in 2022. I continue to be convinced that place is understudied and not discussed enough as an critical factor in many of the questions facing the United States (and other societies as well).