McMansion may be a positive term for those conducting estate sales

I ran across this listing for an estate sale in Naperville:

Upscale, High-End Downtown Naperville Sale!
$1.8 Million Home Has Beautiful Things
Saturday, April 16th 9AM-3PM
Sunday, April 17th 10AM-2PM
330 W. Douglas Naperville, IL 60540
7,200 Square Feet of Bliss!…
This weekend’s sale is at an incredibly beautiful McMansion in Downtown Naperville and you won’t want to miss it. What a house! Here’s some of what we’re selling…
As always, we know you have an abundance of choices of where to spend your hard-earned time and $$$, and we thank you in advance for sharing some of both with us. You will not be disappointed.

One of the critiques of McMansions is that they are symbols of American consumerism, both in terms of the size of the house and the items within the home. Yet, if you are an estate sale company, a McMansion could be exactly what you are your customers are looking for: a place with plenty of good things to sell and buy. Arguably, these items won’t be the highest-end goods – those with $1.8 million homes in Naperville may not be able to or want to buy the best of the best – but there should be plenty to look at. Perhaps people wouldn’t want to have such a large teardown built next door but they would be happy to buy the things in the home in an estate sale.

In addition to the items for purchase, some may want to know about the home itself: see pictures, the price, and other info (there is supposedly an offer pending) here.