From minivan to “Man Van”

Perhaps the Toyota Sienna is not the only minivan men love (at least according to its commercials). According to the Wall Street Journal, Chrysler will be rolling out a “man van” version of the Grand Caravan in the coming months. The slightly different styling and interior will cater to men:

“A man van won’t generate huge sales, but it’s one of those vehicles that gets people talking and heads turning,” said one dealer. “We need that now. I mean if it gets one guy to give the minivan a second look, its worth it.”…

Chrysler’s man van may help overcome the stigma surrounding the minivan in the eyes of many men. With its focus on cup holders, sliding doors and a ho-hum driving experience, the minivan has an image as a boxy vehicle of convenience, driven by mothers to get the kids to soccer practice or pick up groceries.

The article seems to suggest this is more of a marketing ploy of anything else; the company is unlikely to sell a larger number of these to men but it could get people talking. And isn’t that most of the battle these days with products?