Strong suburban reaction to a roundabout turns to praise

I was struck by a reaction of a few Lake County residents to a roundabout built several years ago:

When the first roundabout was proposed in Lake County, the response was extreme.

“People were so skeptical, I would seriously get phone calls from people saying there would be deaths at that corner and it would be on my conscience,” recalled Lake County Board Member Ann Maine, of Lincolnshire, who is also president of the Lake County Forest Preserve District.

More than two years after the roundabout opened at Everett Road and Riverwoods Road as an alternative to a traditional intersection, Maine said she hasn’t been stuck in a backup at the intersection and gets occasional notes from people who say they love the change.

That is quite a reaction to a roundabout and the favorable comments afterward are notable. There are studies about such things but I’m guessing those who had such a strong reaction to the roundabout either didn’t read such studies or wouldn’t believe their findings anyway. But, it is just a different way of configuring an intersection that most people get used to fairly quickly and can actually be more efficient.