Blues Brothers 30th Anniversary

The 30th anniversary of the Blues Brothers is coming up – and tributes are being written.

From the Chicago Tribune: Apparently John Belushi had to go to the mayor, Jane Byrne, to ask that the movie could be shot in Chicago.

“I know how Chicago feels about movies,” the comedian said to the mayor. Byrne nodded. Belushi said the studio would like to donate some money to Chicago orphanages in lieu of throwing a big, expensive premiere. “How much money?” she asked. He said, “$200,000.” She nodded again.

“And so he kept talking,” Byrne recalled. “Finally, I just said, ‘Fine.’ But he kept going. So again I said, ‘Look, I said fine.’ He said, ‘Wait. We also want to drive a car through the lobby of Daley Plaza. Right though the window.’ I remember what was in my mind as he said it. I had the whole 11th Ward against me anyway, and most of Daley’s people against me. They owned this city for years, so when Belushi asked me to drive a car through Daley Plaza, the only thing I could say was, ‘Be my guest!’ He said, ‘We’ll have it like new by the morning.’ I said, ‘Look, I told you yes.’ And that’s how they got my blessing.”

And that, more or less, is how Chicago became a regular location for movie production.”

Reuters reporting from the Vatican: “On the 30th anniversary of the film’s release, “L’Osservatore Romano,” the Vatican’s official newspaper, called the film a “Catholic classic” and said it should be recommended viewing for Catholics everywhere.”

0 thoughts on “Blues Brothers 30th Anniversary

  1. Surprisingly, I had not seen the Blues Brothers until earlier this year when I watched with my wife and her brother, both born and raised in Chicago. It helped to have their perspectives on the impact the movie had on the Chicago scene, and why its impact has continued through the years. On the religious side of things, for all the irreverence for authority in the movie, how many through the years (if any?) have ever watched the movie and been inspired to seek out their “mission from God”? Has anyone out there in blog-land heard of any “conversion” experiences from the Blues Brothers?


  2. No commentary on the movie being made a catholic classic. You throw this out at the end of your article. I think this is a very odd choice by the church. While they do help out the church and the orphanage, I don’t see how this makes sense.


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