Michael Jackson didn’t die in a McMansion; he died in a mansion

Perhaps this is a very minor point about the life of Michael Jackson but as a researcher of McMansions, I think there are better ways to describe the house in which Michael Jackson died which is now for sale:

“McMansion” doesn’t even begin to describe the grandly ostentatious home, which sits on a massive 17,000-square-foot chateau-style property.

It boasts seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, with an elevator to zip you where you want to go.

Oh my, did you happen to get a little lost there? Must be because you took a wrong turn while passing the theater, the spa, the gym and the wine cellar, which has its own tasting room.

Feeling chilly? Pick a fireplace—there are 14 of them.

Feeling hot? Then won’t you take a dip in the pool? You can practice your Olympic laps there.

Oh, we almost forgot: the asking price. The digs will set you back a cool $23.9 million.

As I’ve argued before, this is not a McMansion because of its size. Yes, the home may be ostentatious but this is not your typical large, mass produced suburban home. Rather, this house is 17,000 square feet, far behind the reach of most homebuyers. Perhaps this home is lacking in architectural quality but it is far too big to be a McMansion.

I think this use of the term McMansion is meant to convey the idea of tacky or kitschy. I’m not quite sure how that applies here: isn’t it pretty normal for the uber-wealthy or uber-famous to live in a huge house? Is the idea that Jackson had poor decorating taste? Or is the term applicable because the person who buys this home would be doing a strange thing since Jackson died here?

2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson didn’t die in a McMansion; he died in a mansion

  1. Thanks for addressing the constant misuse of the term “McMansion”. The term seems to be used to label big and new – sometimes regardless of the design or lack of……..

    We’re in the business of redeveloping older housing stock that often gets replaced with something new and bigger and we still are not sure there is any clear-cut definition for the term.

    Location plays a big part – as you allude to – Mansions have been around for centuries – now we put a “Mc” in front of them?


  2. It IS a McMansion. It lacks in architectural quality, and it IS tacky. Also, Michael Jackson did have somewhat dubious and tacky taste. It’s a McMansion regardless of its size; the builder simply thought, “Super-Size me.”

    Sorry, but he died in a tacky, Super-Sized McMansion.


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