The heady rush prompted by a stimulating book

I recently finished a book that I found very interesting and left an impression on me. As I sort through how to write about the text and its content, the aftermath of reading the book reminded me that there is a particular experience with finishing such a book. Here are parts of that experience after the book is done:

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-Wanting to tell people about the book and/or recommending they read it.

-The text prompts all kinds of connections and links to other works and ideas.

-There is time devoted to thinking more about the book and dwelling on the text and its implications.

-Taking the new lens or perspective the book provides and employing it.

-Savoring the reading and thinking experience.

I read a good number of books each year and know that only a few prompt set of reactions. The ones that do make such a mark tend to make it into this blog, the classroom, and my conversations. They are the ones that I tend to purchase and keep on my shelves for a long time. I look forward to finding more of them, both old and new, that open up possibilities and provide deep experiences.

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