An interactive look at job loss by sector

The Wall Street Journal features an interactive timeline that shows job growth and loss by sector for each month since December 2007. The big losers: construction, manufacturing, retail, and business services. The winners (and only three sectors experienced job growth): health care, education, and federal and state government.

h/t Instapundit

Predicting working class job growth

Richard Florida (of The Rise of the Creative Class fame) writes at about where working class jobs will increase in the future.

The largest metro areas are expected to have the greatest amount of blue-collar job growth. Why these places are expected to have this kind of growth is left unexplained.

Overall, Florida describes the situation:

The good news is that the U.S. will continue to create relatively high-paying working class jobs. These jobs will continue to provide good livelihoods for the workers fortunate enough to have them. The bad news is that their rate of growth will be sluggish and not nearly enough to provide the amount of good, family-supporting jobs required to undergird a middle class of lower-skilled workers.

Takeaway: there will be some good blue collar jobs in the future – but they will be limited.