New buyers looking for luxury amenities rather than giant homes still focused on consumption?

More home buyers today may be choosing amenities over big houses:

Oversized McMansions are history. Instead of big houses with rooms that might seldom — if ever — be used, builders are offering luxury amenities that add to comfort and enjoyment for years to come.

How about a Woman Cave? Other innovations include separate suites for in-laws or “boomerang” children who return home for a time after college or maybe a divorce, luxury walk-in closets and gourmet kitchens that make even a microwave dinner feel special.

“Two things sell homes — baths and kitchens,” said Peder Jensen, director of sales for Nashville’s Jones Co., which recently introduced the Woman Cave…

In addition to lots of granite, Dock Street offers kitchens with double ovens and gas cooktops. Master closets have a California Closet organizer.

“It’s sexy to have a nice master closet,” said Dan Kingsbury, project manager and principal broker at Tollgate Village. “It adds a ‘wow’ factor.”…

“Years ago it was all about square footage. The more the better. Now people want to downsize but upgrade,” he said.

Critics of McMansions have argued for years that the homes are more about being impressive rather than being useful. Additionally, McMansions have been viewed as symbols of excessive consumption. Yet, do these smaller homes with upgraded amenities really get away from this? While the amenities might be more understated and more functional, these amenities are likely not cheap and builders and developers can boost their profits on all sorts of upgrades. In the end, aren’t both the McMansions and upgraded amenities still about consumption, whether it is directed at visitors and possible buyers versus turned in on the homeowners themselves?

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